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The Ex Factor Guide Review: Does It Really Work?

Have you broken up with someone you swore was the one?

You are sure that the breakup was not something meant to be, as is the case of many of these splits. If this is the case, you need the Ex Factor Guide.

What is the Ex Factor Guide All About? 

You are probably wondering what it is about in the first place. This guide provides you a pdf.-format book on the psychology of breakups. It does not attempt to change you or your partner in any way.

If someone needs to drastically go through a personality change to make it work, then perhaps there is something irreparable in the relationship.

For the rest of us, though, the guide looks at it both ways.

This Brad Browning resource provides you with an online program that helps you get your ex back. The course comes with a 200-page e-book, an audio version of that e-book, and even a series of videos.

You can find the whole lot online. The content is all there. You just need to pay for the chance to go through them.

the ex factor guide review

Who is the Ex Factor Guide For? 

The Ex Factor Guide is for someone who has just gotten through a breakup who knows that something can still be done. The impact of the split is still fresh, and the love is not yet gone.

The guide works for both men and women.

It comes with a guide for the men to get their girlfriends or wives back. At the same time, it has a guide for women to get their boyfriends or husbands back.

As of writing, the online course has not yet provided resources for same-sex relationships.

You could say that this product is for a man or a woman who wants his or her ex back. He or she strongly believes that the breakup was a mistake and would like a chance to say, “I am sorry” or “I made a mistake, but I want another chance.”

So, this is not a guide for couples who had already moved on, nor is it intended to confirm how justified the breakup was. It is recommended for:

    • those who are still holding out hope for a second chance
    • those who want closure
    • people who want to understand the core of the breakup
    • romantics who don’t want to make the same mistakes in the future (even if it is with other people)
    • brokenhearted people who are still deeply in love

Who Should Not Avail of this Product? 

The guide is written with men and women who want to get back to their exes in mind. These are for those who believe that their relationships have a fighting chance.

This is not for those who:

    • want to use their ex for booty calls
    • seek revenge over their ex
    • will go through the program half-heartedly

You should not be out there, seeking to hurt your ex. Perhaps he/she did you wrong, but the program is not meant for revenge but for reconciliation. If there is no chance of getting back without bitterness, walk away!

the ex factor guide scam

About the Author – Brad Browning 

The brains behind the Ex Factor Guide is none other than Vancouver native Brad Browning. Brad is a relationship expert whose forte is in breakups and divorces.


For more than ten years now, Brad has been getting to know the science behind relationships. He is the sort of professional you would want to set up a coaching session with. However, he also makes things possible through his effective guide, which you can easily avail of.

How do you know he is the real deal? Before you commit to the entire program, you may want to check out his YouTube Channel. As of the moment, the channel has almost half a million subscribers and still growing.

Brad has also authored best-seller program Mend the Marriage.

Oh, if you want to know if he is practicing what he preaches? He is happily married.

What Will You Learn From The Ex Factor Guide? 

Brad Browning’s digital program is an engaging, science-based course for modern times. It provides a tactic for every problem that a 21st-century couple encounters.

If you are not sure what the issue was in the first place, your online relationship coach will help you focus.

The Ex Factor Guide comes with real-world examples and how you can respond to them. These are instances you may experience after – or even right before an impending breakup.

So, what am I saying?

Yes, The book can serve as a response to a breakup. You will be given strategies to get your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend back.

However, it also addresses the one-half of couples who are on the edge of panic because they recognize the signs of a disaster (a breakup!) waiting to happen.

The content of the program has been crafted meticulously with the help of Browning’s psychology background. It has several actionable sections divided according to the topic or questions.

Because of how the book is set up, you can easily find your particular issue and check the suggested solutions.

The 200 pages explore various tips on reading body language, seduction strategies, and the distinction between attractive and unattractive characteristics.

the ex factor guide complete program

You could say that is going to help you concoct a clever series of mind games. Don’t feel bad. It will only work if your ex also wants to get back to you.

Isn’t that what you want right now?

Do you still love him or her?

Are you willing to give it your best fight?

If you say “yes” to all of the questions above, then you should read this book in its entirety. The added bonuses should also give you more support in your quest to get your ex back.

What Details Does the Book Focus On?

Do you want to know more about what the book tackles?

The book gives you as much detail as you need to survive and even avoid a breakup.

  • The first part deals with why breakups happen in the first place. It even goes as far as mention the usual dialogue that goes between couples when they are in danger of parting ways.
    • It means that you must listen to what the other person has to say. The reasons are right there – in their words.
  • Listen well because it is through their words that you will know if you really must break up or try to get back together.
    • Sometimes, the reasons are deeper than we bargained for. There is no way you can get backwith a person you are not compatible with. If you don’t have the same dreams (ambitions, hopes for children, etc.), it does not make sense to get back together.
  • Other parts deal with content that takes you right to the beginning of courtship. What does he/she find attractive? What does he/she find unattractive?
  • You are starting from the beginning, but you are not starting with a blank slate. You have a clue as to what went wrong, but you need psychology to back you up.
  • The Ex Factor also provides you with tips on how you can keep your partner so that they don’t have to end up as your ex in the first place.
  • For those who have, unfortunately, ended their relationships, there are tips to seduce your partner. You may think you have done it before, can you do it again? It is harder when you went through so much already.
  • The guide stands behind its No Contact Rule. It will provide you with strategies that will help keep you strong no matter how tempted you are to message your ex before the one month is up.
  • While seduction is part of the brew, The Ex Factor Guide warns you against having sexbefore you and your ex are back together for real. You would not want to get used. Don’t think that just because you did the seducing, you are the one in control.

the ex factor guide scam

What is in the Bonus Content? 

It seems that Browning believes you need extra help to keep the fires of love going this time around.

The first bonus you will get is the Sex Appeal e-book.

The other bonus is The Ten Commandments of Sexual Attraction.

Both of these bonus content files are meant to make your ex-lover stay this time around. Again, this is not for revenge. It is not a seduce and run type of story.

Do you want him/her back?

Then, act like you mean it!

the ex factor guide reviews

What do I Like Best About the Ex Factor Guide?

Just like any other product, this guide comes with its own pros and cons.

What do I like about it?

Well, you will be happy to know that I like a lot of it. Here are some of the best bits:

  • It is available at a one-time payment of $47. Yeah, that still sounds like a lot for a book with audio. But what you are paying for is the expert content.
  • You can avail of it right away. So, you paid. When do you get it? Well, as soon as you have downloaded the files. There is no need to wait long for your mail to come.
  • It makes use of real-world examples. This is not a theory textbook. You get answers for questions that you may likely ask about how to get your ex back.
  • The easy to understand and use format is excellent. You don’t want to feel like you are studying for an exam. Brad’s frank and no-nonsense delivery reminds you of one of your toughest and dearest friends.
  • The tips are actionable. You can easily image yourself doing what needs to be done. You are not meant to read and it cry. Do something. Go to your therapist if you want to vent. The guide does not have time for that.
  • It has multimedia content. You can listen to audio or watch videos if you cannot stand going through lines and lines of text.
  • It provides advice for both men and women. Browning makes sure that he takes the perspective or both genders.

What do I Dislike About the Ex Factor Guide? 

The guide could well be perfect for some people. However, there will be those who have something negative to say. Here are some of their possible comments:

  • The no-nonsense tone may work for some but not for others. They may see Brad as brash and unempathetic. For others, it may be a good wake up call.
  • The tricks and strategies may feel backhanded. Some may not want to use a little bit of deception to get a supposed loved one back. Others, however, see how important it is to let their ex see their value all over again.
  • It has not yet covered same-sex marriages.  It is still focused on old traditions, even though Brad likes to talk it out tough.

Is The Guide Worth The Purchase? 

So, you’ve looked at the pros and cons.

The pros should be able to alleviate your worries about the guide.

However, the cons may let you look at it in a more realistic light.

the ex factor guide brad browning

Is it worth it? 

You will find that the guide provides you with a definite set of tips and tricks that can help you:

    • prevent breakups
    • understand why breakups happen
    • figure out if you really want your ex back
    • follow strategies that will make your ex notice you again

Those are from the main book. The bonuses focus on sex and seduction. What I am saying here is that yes, it is worth the purchase.

The book and bonus e-books explore many topics that can help clarify whether you should get back to your ex and how to go about it. The price tag is a one-time thing, which will also save you from the thousands of dollars you may spend on therapy.

A product with tons of advice should be appreciated for what it is – a bearer of knowledge backed by psychology.

Will you need therapy?

I wish I have a definite answer to that. Some of you will. Some of you just need to get back on their feet and pursue their exes again.

the ex factor guide scam

Is the Product a Scam?

Let us go back to what I have just said about it in the previous section.

It is worth the buy.

You pay your $47, and you get the content you paid for.  You are paying for the text, video, and audio that Brad Browning has prepared for you.

It is not a scam because you get to download the files right after paying for them.

You did not end paying for nothing.

You paid for a product.

Nobody will steal your payment details, either. You will be paying through a secure page.

Will it work for you?

That is another story.

ex factor guide

Does the Ex Factor Guide Really Work? 

As I said, whether the Ex Factor works or not is another point for contention.

Does it work? 

Yes, it does, but there are some requirements for it to work:

  1. You and your partner are not irreparably incompatible.

(If you want a child and he/she does not want one, why even pursue your ex? This is something that you cannot change through simple seduction.)

  1. You still love each other.

(It will not work if the other person is just over it.)

  1. Nothing major has happened.

(He/she has not beaten or abused you in any other way.)

  1. You both must want to get back together.

(This is why he/she will look your way when you give off some signs.)

  1. This is not a revenge scheme.


  1. You will work hard at it by following the tips and tricks recommended by Browning.
  2. You must have a realistic assessment of the situation.

(Don’t be a stalker. If your ex is no longer interested, stay away.)

In the end, the success of this product will be judged according to whether you have found what you are looking for.

To check whether this will work for you or not, please take the below quiz and find out yourself:

Take The Quiz Now

The Ex factor Guide Review Summary

Sometimes, we let go of The One, and we only realize it when they are gone.

But wait…

Perhaps it is not completely too late.

After all, you have decided to pay for and access The Ex Factor Guide.

Let us examine the name.

Ex. That refers to someone who used to be your lover. It means the relationship went sour, but something can still be saved. He/she has still not been relegated to the title, “Someone that you used to know.”

Ex-Factor. There is still a spark somewhere. You just have to know how to remind your partner that you are still the one for him/her.

If you want to find out if you and your ex can still have a second chance at love, buy this comprehensive guide. Whether you get your ex back or not, you will understand what went wrong and what you can do to be better at the game of love.

the ex factor guide scam

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