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Half Day Diet Review: Worth Giving It a Try?

Would you like to lose weight while eating a lot of carbs?

You might be thinking, it’s impossible! (See, I can read your mind)

Well, the half day diet made it possible. Created by a fitness expert and industry specialist, this diet helped thousands of people lose weight without giving up on carbs (including me).

In this half day diet review, I will share everything you should know about this diet!

So, are you ready to read the rest?

The Half Day Diet

1/ What is the Half Day Diet?

The half day diet is a weight loss program based on scientific evidence. It’s an ebook-based weight loss program (about 200 pages long) that you have to follow for half of a day.

Looking at the core of the half day diet, it seems more like a mixture of paleo style diets, low carb diets, and intermittent fasting.

The main motto of this program is you can eat carbs and lose weight and fat without starving all day long.

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Is It Like All Other Low Carb Diets?

No, the half day diet isn’t like other low carb diets. A low carb diet requires you to cut off your carb for the entire day.

In this diet plan, you have to follow a strict low carb diet for just half the day, but you can eat carbohydrates after the evening (at the other half of the day).

2/ Who Created This Half Day Diet Program?

Half day diet is created by a San Francisco based stuntman, martial artist, fitness coach, and nutrition expert, Nate Miyaki.

He’s pretty successful in the fitness industry. The secret of his successful weight loss programs is his extensive research. The root of his diet plans is his extensive research and years of experience.

Besides, Nate Miyaki is one of the best-selling fitness and nutrition writers on Amazon.

3/Who is This Program For?

The half day diet handbook is a healthy diet that can help everyone losing weight. The weight loss program created by Nate Miyaki is for people who don’t like to follow a strict low carb diet.

However, if you want to get the most of it from the half day diet plan, you must follow some instructions. Also, you have to make some healthy lifestyle changes as well.

So, if you hate to give up on carbs and still see the weight drop, then this is a perfect diet for you.

The Half Day Diet Reviews

4/ What Does the Half Day Diet Program Offer?

The half day diet program is a digital format book, aka ebook, that you can access from any of your devices. However, there’s no physical book available for it.

Also, you’ll get some fantastic free bonuses! So, here is everything you’ll get in the program:

Half Day Diet Handbook

In this handbook, you’ll learn everything about the diet, the creator, and a few rules of a faster way to lose weight safely.

Also, there is a cheat sheet that’ll help you to follow this new diet plan. It’ll also help you to make healthy lifestyle changes.

Happy Hour Handbook

This Handbook (READ CHEAT SHEET) will help you enjoy house parties and social drinking without spoiling your diet.

Restaurant and Fast Food Survival Guide

Looking at the menu and thinking about your diet, I ended up saying, can I get a water bottle, please?

Well, Nate Miyaki understands you!

That’s why, in this cheat sheet, the author suggests tasty yet healthy meals you can order at restaurants without giving up on your fitness goals.

Vegetarian Diet Ebook

Are you a vegetarian?

A true VEGAN?

If yes, then this book is your way out! This is an All-In-One package for vegetarians to lose weight effectively from strategies to recipes.

Holiday Fat Loss Manual

Whether it’s a holiday or new year’s eve, we all party hard! We overeat, overdrink like there is nothing like ‘diet’ exists!

Once the holiday ends, we start feeling guilty. The holiday manual will save you from the guilt and the result.

The Flat Belly Platinum Club (1-month free access)

Imagine using a program where you can see and share the diet plan review and what works better. It makes so much more sense!

The best part is, you can use the premium half day diet virtual nutritionist software (costs around $80) for FREE!

So, these are everything you will get once you purchase this eBook program.

Half Day Diet Plan

5/ Can You Lose Weight With This Program?

Well, Yes, you can!

Hundreds (okay, THOUSANDS) did!

See, it’s not a magic pill! Like, you will have it, and BOOM in a few seconds! You lost 15 pounds.

Well, it’s not happening!

If you stay consistent and follow just half a day’s diet properly, you’ll lose more weight faster.

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6/ How Does the Half Day Diet Work?

The half day diet is firmly based on three basics.




In these three basic steps, you’ll learn to strategize your meal plan by calculating the carbs, protein, and fat. Also, figuring out the right amount and nutritional intake as well.

Also, your body might not work with the same diet plan. You may need to change your diet and nutrition plan a bit to lose weight.

Then again, to lose weight faster, you need to follow the art of when and what to eat.

Most people lose weight within the first two basics, but burning fat isn’t that easy for some. For them, evolution is the only way to lose weight.

This 200-page book is all about these three basics, and if followed correctly, the half day diet will work!

7/ Does the Half Day Diet Work?


Yes, the half day diet works.

Many people have followed this program. According to their half day diet review, it works!

Most of them have seen massive weight loss and fat loss as well. While they also enjoyed yummy carbs just half a day (not essential carbs).

Also, the diet program has been created based on scientific evidence, and you are learning from a fitness expert, so it’ll work for sure!

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8/ How Much Does the Half Day Diet Cost? (Including Refund Policies)

This fantastic digital program is available at an affordable price. With many bonuses worth $100+, the diet plan is open for as little as $29.

Not just that, in case this program doesn’t work for you, there’s a 60-day money-back guarantee for you!

Isn’t it a great deal?

The Half Day Diet Reviews 2022

9/ Half Day Diet Review: My Experience

After getting into the half day diet program, I was pretty puzzled. Now I have to decide how I want things to be.

After thinking for a while, I decided to follow intermittent fasting as my daytime option, and I could have my feast at night.


It is because I am busy at the office most of the daytime and am not that bothered about the meal. Whereas I mostly have to go out with friends or for business dinners at night.

So, here is the meal plan of a day I followed:


Black Coffee without no additives.


One bowl of salad (made with non-starchy vegetables) and one apple.


3 cup rice, one boiled egg, 12oz sirloin steak, 12 oz baked potato, one serving blueberry medley (Yes, I ate carbs like crazy).

So, this was the menu I mostly followed.

I follow strength training and a bit of cardio three days a week when it comes to exercise.

What Was The Result?

So, I followed this half the daily diet plan for a month, and I lost around 14 lbs in between. I was pretty satisfied with the result.

Was It Challenging?

To be very honest, yes, it was pretty challenging.

I struggled to find my diet type initially, and finalizing a decision was tough.

However, it isn’t that easy if you lead a disorganized lifestyle.

Also, Nate claims to get better results, and you need to stick with caveman foods. Which means raw natural foods that don’t have any harmful substances. Like:

Plant diet foods


In this modern era, finding and making these food items edible is quite challenging (unless you are passionate).

what is half day diet

10/ Pros And Cons of Half Day Diets


The course has been created by an experienced fitness expert and is well-known in the fitness and nutrition industry.

The program is based on scientific evidence. In fact, the half day diet is inspired by a study of Obesity Journal.

You can still enjoy your carbs.

The program isn’t super hard to follow.

The in-depth guide covers everything.

It comes with amazing bonuses.

It helps you to burn fat and weight loss faster.

Affordable Price.

60 days money back guarantee.

Promotes long-term weight loss.

Improve your support system.


No specific exercise plan was provided (like strength training).

Only available in digital format.

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11/ Best Alternative Of Half Day Diet: Noom

You see, the half day diet is good. But it requires too much effort and self-understanding.

However, a new app is available that has become super famous in the fitness Industry called Noom.

Packed with psychological facts and tasks, this app helps you to break bad habits that cause weight gain. Also, this app allows you to create good habits and sneak into a healthy life.

So, if you are looking for a permanent solution, then Noom is the best solution!

half day weight loss diet

12/ Final Verdict

If you don’t want to give up carbs, then a half-day diet is a good program. But it requires more attention and self-discipline.

Also, half day diet is more like a lifestyle instead of a diet. And, following a diet plan like this for the rest of your life is TOUGH.

However, if you are looking for a permanent solution and sneak into a better lifestyle, Noom is the best solution.

13/ Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Weight Can I Lose On The 13-Day Diet?

It depends on the calorie intake. If you consume minimally (around 600 calories a day), you can lose up to 22 lbs in the 13-day diet.

Does The 3-Day Diet Work?

If you follow a calorie deficit, you may lose around 7 lbs within three days. However, it’s incredibly unhealthy and unsafe.

Can You Eat Carbs While Following The Half Day Diet?

Yes. During the daytime, you have to consume as low carbs as possible. Whereas at the other part of the day, you can eat carbohydrates as you like.

Is The Half Day Diet Easy To Follow?

If you follow the rules correctly, then yes, it’s pretty easy to follow compared to other diets.

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