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Blast Proof Reviews (Alec Deacon) Blackout USA Prepper Guide Against EMP Attacks?

We live in uncertain times. Most people have been hit financially and emotionally by the recent Covid-19 pandemic and the ongoing wars in various countries worldwide. The disasters indicate that most governments are unprepared to protect citizens against calamities fully.

Some experts warn that World War III is imminent. Unfortunately, the warfare may involve powerful weapons that can render a state unruly within a few weeks. According to some unverified reports, the conflict does not include the use of infantry or tanks. Instead, it will paralyze all institutions and communication lines, making it impossible for people to survive.

Blast Proof Reviews

It is paramount that individuals learn how to protect themselves when the worst strikes. America is a powerful state whose citizens enjoy modern communication, a constant food supply, standard health care systems, and good governance.

What would happen when the power lines fail, or there is an EMP attack? Statistics indicate that most people will not survive when the health care system, food supply, and security systems fail.

Blast Proof by Alec Deacon is a detailed book comprising methods of surviving an EMP attack and, by extension, the third world war. Is the information factual? Who should read this book? Where can you buy it?

What is Blast Proof?

Blast Proof is an educative book comprising information on how to survive an EMP attack or disaster. The author, Alec Deacon, claims that Americans must have a backup plan when most government systems fail.

Blast Proof author reveals various steps to ensure you continue thriving regardless of the chaos around you. The three-step preparedness method, or “SOS Readiness Strategy,” provides food, clean water, secure shelter, and electricity in the face of a disaster.

Some government officials reveal that an Eastern-based country (China) is working on a powerful weapon to paralyze America and kill its “Super-Power” stature. The country has managed to maintain a stable economy while American economic growth continues to depreciate. In addition, the country in question is a key trading partner of most nations across the globe. Without proper measures, the government can purportedly send America to the middle ages.

Alec Deacon argues that if China attacks Taiwan, it can prevent the US and the world from accessing the semiconductors required for defense. The small island country produces more than 90% of the advanced semiconductors. The small gadgets are part of the operating system in cars, smartphones, hospital ventilators, and fighter jets, among other vital machines.

Without adequate semiconductors, America will be crippled. A Center for Strategic and International Studies report indicates that inadequate semiconductors in America can cause massive damage in under two weeks.

China is purportedly creating a 21ST Century Missile that can end modern American Life. The weapon works by knocking out the national power grid, paralyzing most basic operations. The missile paralyzes every electronic component, including the internet, television, phones, and vehicles.

Blast Proof author claims that the super-advanced Hypersonic Missiles are the work of various Chinese rocket scientists. The missile is dubbed “Angel of Death” and is highly unpredictable. According to the Congressional Electromagnetic Pulse Commission, an EMP attack can blackout the US for over a year. Consequently, it can cause massive deaths from starvation and societal destruction.

How Does Blast Proof Work?

Blast Proof author reveals that an EMP attack can paralyze modern civilization. It means a cut in the food supply chain, communication, transport, healthcare, and defense system. When all methods fail, people become unruly as they scramble for a few resources. Blast Proof is designed to help you develop a research-based survival strategy that ensures you have a constant supply of food, water, shelter, and security.

Constant Food Supply – Blast Proof reveals that an EMP attack will disrupt a continuous food supply. Most Americans may have sufficient food to last a week or a month. What happens next? Alec Deacon reveals various strategies that you can adopt to ensure you have enough food for your loved ones.

Constant Electricity – a malfunctioning national power grid affects the lighting, transport, and communication system. Without electricity, you cannot run most modern devices, including AC units, showers, TV, mobile phones, and other appliances. Blast Proof reveals various techniques you can adopt you have clean energy to keep your family warm and out of darkness regardless of the power blackout.

Clean Water – An EMP attack will affect the water supply. Without power, the pipes will run dry or freeze during winter. Alec Deacon suggests alternative sources of water that you can use at home. He reveals techniques for purifying the water, making it safe for drinking and cooking.

Security – When there are chaos and minimal resources, people become rowdy. Looters can destroy your property or harm your family. Blast Proof author reveals various methods of fortifying your family’s security, including staying as a community instead of a small family.

The Blast Proof author suggests looking for alternative survival methods instead of depending on the government or foreign aid. The book equips readers with various survival policies to ensure their lives continue, usually after an EMP attack or when a disaster strikes.

What is Inside Blast Proof?

Blast Proof is based on the works and experience of former US Army veteran Tyler. He has been to war-torn countries, including Afghanistan, and has been a survival instructor for over twenty years. Below are the SOS Preparedness Steps to help you survive any chaos, including an EMP attack.

Step 1 – Check Smoke

An EMP attack can trigger electrical fires. It is, therefore, crucial for everyone to check around the house to ensure there are zero fires. Alec Deacon warns that smoke detectors are modern gadgets that become useless after an EMP occurrence.

Blast Proof educates the user using battery-operated smoke detectors that are simple to install and equally effective. It is crucial to have fire extinguishers installed in strategic positions to ensure you can access them in emergencies. Alec Deacon recommends practicing using an extinguisher for using it to help you during fires.

Step 2 – Gather Water

Blast Proof author advises collecting enough water before the water system is disabled. You can filter and purify the water, making it safe for use. In addition, Alec Deacons recommends collecting rainwater or preserving the water in the swimming pool.

Step 3 – Eat like a King

Blast Proof writer recommends nourishing your body to prepare for physical and mental stress. It is best to consume fresh foods. The author suggests creating a small solar-powered generator to aid food preservation. However, it is best to ensure you have the standby generator before-an EMP attack to ensure it is operational.

Other survival tactics against an EMP attack include:

Power of Extra Hands

Alec Deacon recommends staying as a community instead of small families. Extra pair of hands can aid in fortifying security in household chores, childcare, and other tasks that require collaborative work.

Device Protection against Strong EMP

Experts recommend making a Faraday cage to protect your devices against EMP. However, most people create Anti-EMP devices that have low power and thus low impact. Blast Proof contains a blueprint for building an influential Faraday Cage to protect all your electronic devices against hypersonic EMP.

How to Bug Out When Hell Breaks Loose on the Streets

An EMP attack is likely to cause mayhem on the streets. Blast Proof reveals methods of escaping rowdy crowds safely and rapidly. Alec Deacon reveals the dos and Don’ts a few hours after a grid-down calamity.

Secure Your Car and Evacuate Danger Zones

An EMP can destroy the vehicle’s circuits, making it ineffective. The knowledge of Blast Proof can protect your car, ensuring you can evacuate to safe areas without any issues.

Grow Healthy Foods in the Garage or Backyard

Most preppers recommend stockpiling food. However, EMP-induced communication and transport paralysis prevent you from acquiring essential foods. Blast Proof reveals proven methods of creating a simple food generator to grow fresh and high-nutrient profile foods in your small spaces, including the garage.

Crucial Electronics after an EMP Attack

Blast Proof educates the readers on five necessary electronics that ensure you have adequate lighting, heat, and communication after an EMP attack.

How to Create an EMP-Proof and Off-Grid Solar System

Blast Proof contains tips on making a powerful off-grid solar system that can run various appliances in the house, including AC, light bulbs, and mini-refrigerators. The battery bank, solar panels, and other components contain zero circuits. Hence, the solar system remains unaffected after an EMP.

Water Purification

Blast Proof educates users on assembling a Biosand Water Filter capable of purifying large water quantities in under 30 minutes. The system can provide clean and safe water for a family of 5-10 members.

Home Defense Techniques

Blast Proof contains information on how to strengthen your home security. It includes methods of keeping marauders and unwanted guards from your home.

Advertised Benefits of Blast Proof Guide

  • Blast Proof educates the readers on ensuring food security when disaster strikes.
  • It provides strategies for keeping your home safe
  • It can help you protect your loved ones and community
  • It reveals three different EMP-proof energy sources
  • It can help you save lives during disasters
  • It gives you the confidence to face an EMP attack or any other catastrophe


Blast Proof Pricing

Customers can buy Blast Proof only through the official website. Consumers can purchase the Blast Proof in separate offers:

  • Blast Proof Physical and Digital Copies, + Three Bonuses $39.00 + $9.99 Shipping for Physical Copy
  • Blast Proof Digital Copy, + Three Bonuses $39.00

The Blast Proof and the bonuses become available in your email immediately after payment.



Blast Proof author provides three special reports that can help you survive chaos and disasters. These include:

  • Off-Grid Home Protection Systems
  • Unscathed Survival
  • How to Make Your Own Pharmacy

Money Back Guarantee

Alec Deacon offers a 60-day money-back guarantee after purchasing the product. Customers can reach out to the company at:

  • support@blackoutusa.com
  • 1-800-390-6035

Final Word

Blast Proof is an educative book comprising methods of overcoming disasters, particularly EMP attacks. The author, Alec deacon, warns that the third world war will not involve using an army or missiles. Instead, the enemies will use EMP machinery to paralyze all economic sectors.

Blast Proof educates the readers on ensuring you have adequate food, clean water, and secure shelter. The author reveals simple methods of creating solar-powered machines, growing crops, and purifying water to help you survive an EMP attack.

Blast Proof is available through the official website. A 60-day money-back guarantee protects your investment.

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