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Back Pain Relief 4 Life Reviews (Ian Hart) Is My Back Pain Coach Legit?

Back Pain Relief 4 Life is a set of exercises that will help you get long-term relief from back pain. It does not involve any medications or surgery and can be performed in the comfort of your own home.

Back pain is one of the most agonizing pains you can experience. And because the back is connected to the rest of our body, it can easily create pain in other areas. It is becoming more common these days, not only in adults but also in children. This is primarily due to our poor posture caused by the use of phones/laptops.

According to physicians, the only solution is to take medication on a daily basis or to have some form of surgery. These surgeries not only cost a fortune but usually only have a 50 chance of success. It even has a risk of leaving you paralyzed for the rest of your life. So, isn’t there a less risky way to get relief from back pain? Back Pain Relief 4 Life is just what you need.

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What is Back Pain Relief 4 Life?
Back Pain Relief 4 Life is a set of exercises that will help you get long-term relief from back pain. It does not involve any medications or surgery and can be performed in the comfort of your own home. These exercises will take you roughly only 16 minutes to complete. It is a set of eight two-minute workouts that require only a pillow and a towel.

Back Pain Relief 4 Life’s founder Ian Hart is a certified specialist in body conditioning and strength. He has been featured in multiple reputed publications, such as the Men’s Health Magazine, FOX morning show, CBS plus, etc. He himself was once a victim of severe back pain. He traveled through many countries to research a way to treat back pain forever.

In Serbia, he met Dojan, who was a coach. After seeing how much pain he was suffering from, Dojan told him about this 16-minute exercise that was used in Serbia. Just one session of this exercise made Dr.Ian’s pain go away and changed his life forever. He now made it his life’s mission to spread this knowledge to as many people as possible.

How does the Back Pain Relief 4 Life program work?
To understand how the program works, we first need to understand the main cause of back pain. The main reason for our back pain is a muscle imbalance. A muscle imbalance essentially means that one side of your body is working extremely hard and the other not so much. This results in one side getting stronger and the other getting significantly weaker.

This can be caused by sitting hunched for long periods of time. This is because, when you sit in a bad posture, your core and legs become tight. On the other hand, the muscles on your back that support the spine become weak. This now puts unnecessary stress and pressure on your spine and lower back. This is called the “Tug of War Effect ”.

This slows down the blood flow toward the back and prevents certain nutrients from reaching there. It damages the spine gradually over the years. All of these combined together are the cause of our back pain. It causes diseases like sciatica and other back-related issues.

So to cure back pain, we need to stop muscle imbalance. This is exactly what the eight movements are for.

Movement #1 triggers the imbalanced muscles, causing them to work.

Movement #2 activates the lower back and the dormant hip muscles so that they can prepare for relief.

Now that all of the imbalanced muscles are activated, Movement #3 starts working towards relieving you from pain. It starts loosening your back and this reduces your back pain initially.

Now Movement #4 starts giving the lower back and the hip the blood, nutrients, and oxygen it requires.

Movement #5 is the breakthrough movement. It decompresses your lower back which makes virtually all of your pain go away. Now that the pain is almost gone, it starts realigning your body so that no pain comes in the future.

Movement #6 aligns our full body and balances all of our muscles including the lower back and the spine.

Now Movement #7 finishes the alignment of our spine, lower back, hips, and upper back in their natural position.

Lastly, Movement #8 slowly compresses our spine. The spine now sends away all of the old blood from the discs, allowing the new nutrient-rich blood to come. This helps in even faster recovery and pain relief.

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Who is the Back Pain Relief 4 Life program for?
This program is designed for anyone suffering from back pain and is tired of repeatedly paying money for expensive treatments. The treatments like acupuncture, back therapy massages, and chiropractors do not even provide permanent relief to your pain. That is why Back Pain Relief 4 Life is beneficial for everybody.

Other than relieving you from back pain, this set of exercises also has some other great benefits. Here is a list of some of them:
●    Other than your spine, it supplies nutrient-rich blood to other parts of your body.
●    It improves your posture.
●    It makes your whole body more flexible.
●    It helps reduce chronic inflammation.
●    It makes your brain work harder and hence improves thinking.
●    It helps you have a peaceful sleep.
●    Lastly, it improves the connection between your body and your mind.

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The Back Pain Relief 4 Life program includes three different components. Along with these three, you also get an additional bonus.

Component 1
The first component is the Main Program. It consists of a 28-minute-long video masterclass by Dr.Ian Hart. In this masterclass, he clearly explains the 8 2-minute movements that are the foundation of this program. He also explains the full sequence of the movements. In addition to this, you also get easy-to-follow diagrams explaining these movements.

Component 2
Component 2 is known as the “10 Targeted Coaching Video Sessions for Faster Relief”. If you want to get even quick relief from back pain, you must watch this. It contains a lot of details about how these movements help you get relief from your pain. It also contains extra tips that you can add to your 16-minute session. This helps you cure your back pain even quicker.

Component 3
Component 3 provides you with full access to Dr. Ian Hart’s personal email. You may message him whenever you want to ask him a question. You can describe the precise type of discomfort you are feeling with him. He will then assist you in adjusting the 16-minute workout to your specific needs.

Extra Bonus
The “Begin your Day Video Program” is the extra bonus you get with this program. It essentially is a short morning routine that activates your back muscles. This ensures that you do not experience any kind of back pain throughout the day.

Back Pain Relief 4 Life is only available through the official website. Currently, they are offering the program at a discounted price. Normally, the whole program retails for $99.95. But, as it is on sale, it is available for only $67.

Refund Policy
Dr.Ian Hart offer a full money-back guarantee on this product. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can avail of this refund within 60 days of purchase.

Does it have any harmful side effects?

No. The program only includes thoroughly researched movements that have been proven to show no negative side effects.

Can I get a physical copy?
Yes, you can order physical copies. Just select the “Physical Package” option on the checkout page. The price for this is the same as the digital access (except for a small shipping fee).

How long does it take to see results?
Many patients’ back pain goes away just after one session. Others may take 2 or 3 sessions. It all depends on the level of pain you are experiencing.

Final Thoughts
Back Pain Relief 4 Life helps you to treat your back pain without having risky surgeries and taking medications. If you are tired of paying costly medical bills over and over again, you must consider buying this program.

my back pain coach sciatica

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