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Yoga Burn Reviews – Your Weight Loss Program

Yoga Burn is an at-home system instruction package designed to help women lose weight. The 12 weeks program was invented by Zoe Bray-Cotton, a certified yoga instructor who has been in business since 2014. The purpose of this 12-week program is to hasten weight loss by burning calories and body shaping for women. Since time immemorial, women have used Yoga to help lose a substantial amount of weight, and when Zoe Bray-Cotton came up with the Yoga burn total body challenge, things became even better. If you have been struggling with weight loss for a long time, this training program might be what you need. A recent poll gave a review, and the digital weight loss program for women received positive remarks. There has never been a better health and fitness routine than the yogaburn, and it sure works as the certified personal trainer claims. This article will review the Yoga burn challenge in general, as well as an outline of the fitness program’s benefits.

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1/ About YogaBurn and Zoe Bray-Cotton

Yogaburn is a perfectly calculated 12-week yoga program invented by creative yoga instructor Zoe Bray-Cotton, a certified personal trainer experienced as she has been in the field since 2014. The total-body challenge is meant for women who have purposed to improve their physical shape and strengthen their core. This workout program employs a technique referred to as dynamic sequencing yoga to target all parts of your body, including the booty area. There is a specific training program that helps to build the glutes. In general, the program is meant to help every customer lose weight. If you have been looking for a low-impact yet helpful full-body exercise, yoga burn might be an ideal solution for you. Zoe will personally take you through the whole process for the entire 12-week period, and you can exercise alone or as a team. Zoe’s burn program is unique and works differently, unlike gimmicky fitness videos that never show progress. One of the biggest perks of the Yoga burn workout program is that you won’t have to repeat the same workouts every day for 12 weeks. Every activity is connected to the last, and that is how you burn more calories and, in return, lose weight within a short period.

For anyone taking part in the training program workout service, whether beginners or not, Zoe recommends that they complete three forty-five-minute yoga classes every week for the best results. A recently published fitness magazine report said that customers who purchased these packages have benefited from the strategic and progressive workouts on the yoga burn program. One customer said that no timetable has ever helped their physical health regarding weight-loss like yoga burn has. The service is offered to customers who purchase it, and you are given a 60 day period to review it on your own. If the service does not work as expected, you will receive a full refund within a few days. The refund will be minus the shipping cost, especially if you took the DVD set package. Zoe’s 12-week burn programs are divided into three phases that are all connected, such that the last phase builds the next. (Any/all of the links on this post are affiliate links of which the author receives a small commission from sales of this product/service, but the price is the same to you.)

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Phase 1: Foundational Flow Phase – As the name suggests, the programs’ first phase builds a solid foundation, especially for yoga beginners. In this phase, you will figure out how you can increase your flexibility and boost your metabolism without going too fast, like in gym workouts. You will learn that Yoga is all about connecting the body and mind to work together to achieve the end goal, which is losing weight while gaining a standard yoga shape. In most reviews, we noticed that most customers find this stage helpful. Once you have learned how to control your pace and gained stability, you will practice the poses required for yoga burn while minimizing the chance of injury. The community in the past gave a negative review of Yoga as a privilege for the rich and never as an exercise. The great news, however, is that scientists have revealed in their study that if conducted appropriately, Yoga can burn more calories than gym workouts. Zoe Bray-Cotton has proved the scientific review to be helpful, as demonstrated in her training programs, and if you want to ascertain it, purchase one of her packages, then get a review of your own.

yoga burn review

Phase 2: Transitional Flow Phase – This stage is where things get a little intense, especially for beginners who might be tempted to quit the classes. What you want will never come easy in life, and if you’re going to improve your physical appearance and general health, you must endure to the last day of the 12 weeks. The transitional flow phase continuously builds your strength and flexibility while burning a lot of calories. You will notice that the stage mainly entails Total body challenges that are a bit extreme in time and position. Zoe introduces new poses and styles in this stage that seem to work for everyone. If you noticed, the first stage indeed prepared you well for phase two, and it is why the routine is a perfectly calculated system as it applies dynamic sequencing. You will also establish changes in your muscles if you have been following what Zoe instructs.

Phase 3: Mastery Flow Phase – The last phase is where you will notice a change. It is surprising how body weight can help burn calories, which is Yoga’s technique. Using the firmness, flexibility, and boosted metabolism from the previous phases, the program will push you to burn more calories. You will realize a massive improvement in terms of body shape and stamina. Here, Zoe implements a pose that is more advanced than in the transitional flow phase. These advanced moves are hard to master; even if you take the class for ten years, you will still need a yoga instructor to guide you. Without a doubt, it is now evident and easy to see how these phases are connected. Keep in mind that you must follow the yoga instructor’s direction keenly in every stage to ensure you get the best results at the end of the training. While compiling this review, we realized that the Mastery Flow Phase is where customers start seeing changes.

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2/ Does YogaBurn Help You Lose Weight?

Many people have been wondering, and without a doubt, as much as the Yoga burn total-body challenge has received many positive reviews, you can know if it works only by getting into the fitness programs. There is a lot of evidence from scientific research showing that calculated and strategic yoga total body challenges are the best for weight loss. There is minimal room for injuries, little energy is used, and no equipment required to make the course a success. According to Zoe Bray-Cotton’s review, these strategic phases are the secret to yoga burn’s effectiveness and efficiency. If you have been to a yoga class, you must have noticed that the activities had a low impact, mainly during the first few days. During this period, beginners report feeling like there is little to no progress. Just because you cannot see the improvement does not mean the training is not working, though. If you are taking yoga classes, you should know that patience and consistency are key.

The principle of dynamic sequences teaches that there must be progression and adaptation for any fitness program to work, which means that the trainee must force their body and mind to adapt to the new changes. A yoga routine must be strategic and divine to work within the stipulated time, 12 weeks. Zoe Bray-Cotton will support you through the whole period while ensuring you are following the fitness program diligently. The yoga burn program is well-designed to ensure you achieve your set goal and get your desired body shape soon enough. At the same time, the yoga burn routine works best because the certified personal trainer has arranged the three phases to suit your current level. Besides, each stage is connected to the other; thus, you will considerably increase flexibility and start seeing fundamental changes in your body shape as the weeks pass. Find Zoe’s programs on any Facebook review if you want more information on how you can use her digital download platform to lose weight. Click here to discover the current discount!

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3/ The Complete YogaBurn package

It is impressive how Yoga burn is available as both digital download video for phones, computers, tablets, and physical DVDs. This technique has made the burn program quite enjoyable because it gives customers an option; whichever suits you most is what you take. Many product reviews usually avail one of the copies, which is an advantage to yoga burn. When you buy the program, you are given immediate online digital access so you can start as soon as possible. The yoga burn DVD set is available to you shortly after. Besides the yoga burn program, you also benefit from a great set of free bonuses to assist you on your body transformation journey. Below is a list of what the complete yoga program entails.

Yoga Burn 12-Week Body Shaping Course – The Yoga burn 12-week body shaping course is provided in both an online digital download platform and physical DVDs. All three phases are included in these videos for customers who have purchased the fitness programs. The DVDs and online digital download have a quick start class and twenty in-depth pose video tutorials. There are nine workout videos, and each is repeated four times before proceeding to the next phase.

Basic Audio Version of Each Class Bonus – The primary mode of teaching used by Zoe is videos, but in some cases, customers may ask for audios. If you feel the need for audio, do not hesitate to request one as they are ever ready. It could help you master the yoga burn course content and concentrate on performing the fitness activities better than watching online digital downloads. This does not mean that videos or DVDs are wrong; it is just that some people find videos quite distractive.

Tranquillity Flow Class –Tranquillity flow class is a unique set of sequences used as a stress relief tool. While tranquillity flow is not going to burn your calories, it will surely help you release stress. If you had stressful weeks or months, the tranquillity flow class is something you should not miss. In addition to relieving stress, the course is offered as a bonus, so you do not have to pay extra cash to access it.

Immersion Community Bonus – Immersion community Bonus is a unique fitness community meant for women only. It gives access to coaching calls, a community for talking to other women, and ongoing support through your fitness journey. This course helps women learn how to work as a team as it greatly encourages team-building.

Yoga Burn Monthly Bonus – Yoga Burn Bonus is an additional set of DVDs that introduce various Yoga types such as Ashtanga, Hatha, Jundalini, Vinyasa, and restorative Yoga. These are provided as monthly offers and are available in DVD sets only.

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4/ Where to Buy Zoe Bray-Cotton Yoga Burn Program

Yoga burn is available to all customers only from the main website. If you want to make a purchase, you recommend that you do it only through the main website link to offset the possibility of being scammed. Many websites have been built to support Zoe’s yoga program, which exposes many people to scammers. Once you make a purchase, the system will create an account for you, and you can cancel the account any time you like. Note that if you cancel, the company will issue no refund. You can pay via credit card, MasterCard, PayPal, and American Express on the main website. Zoe assures her customers of credit card safety as none of your details collected will be shared anywhere else. There is also a moneyback guarantee policy where you are given a 60-day period to test the yoga program. If you do not find the program helpful, you can request your money return, provided it is within 60 days. The prices for these programs are inclusive of shipping services.

When you order a DVD set, the shipping is done immediately, but you will receive it after a few days, depending on where you are. The program is a 100% money-back guarantee for 60 full days from the time you began the course. If you want a refund through the money-back guarantee, call the toll-free number or dropping an email, and you will be issued a full refund. If you purchased the program’s physical version, you might return the program by shipping it back within sixty days, and you will get a full refund, less the shipping and handling costs. There is a free video meant for beginners or generally anyone who wants to participate in the main website’s fitness program. The only disadvantage is that this video is a repetitive clip as it is accessed for free, unlike the yoga burn monthly for purchase. On the websites, there are no ads, so when watching and practicing, there will be no disturbance.

5/ Is Yoga Burn A Legitimate Company?

The company was invented by a young and certified personal trainer back in 2014. The company’s owner and founder are called Zoe Bray-Cotton, who works side-by-side with her team to deliver results. Zoe claims that the three-phase Yoga Burn monthly challenge works because of the formula it uses. She thought about the whole thing and sorted professional advice before implementing the course. Yoga Burn aims at providing the best results to every customer who purchases the program and even gives a moneyback guarantee to anyone who feels dissatisfied with it. If you want to make any payments, use the leading website’s information to avoid being robbed of your money by scammers. This website guarantees credit card detail safety and value for your money, unlike other parody websites that try to emulate the main website.

yoga burn review by zoe bray cotton

6/ How Long Are the Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge Workouts?

The fitness program takes 12 weeks before it is complete and is divided into three phases: the foundational flow phase, the transitional flow phase, and the mastery flow phase. In each week, there is a 45-minute routine in which Zoe guides her trainees, it takes 15 minutes to complete one workout. Advice from professionals and experts states that you should train your body to exercise for at least 15 minutes daily. This is an excellent timespan to increase your metabolism and improve on strength through yoga burn. Join the team with Zoe as your program leader in the 45-minute weekly routine and strengthen your body through the booty challenge and yoga burn core challenge. These are the two main challenges that have gained popularity and also received the best reviews from customers. The yoga burn core challenge is specifically meant to strengthen your core, while the booty challenge meant to build a yoga booty.

7/ What Is Dynamic Sequencing Yoga System?

It is easy to participate in a yoga class and get no results. Studies have proven that you will get no results if you start Yoga without a strategy or formula. Yoga is not like a gym exercise where you use many extra weights to boost muscle strength. In her videos, Zoe explains that the course is based around her dynamic sequencing yoga. In the research we did while compiling this review, we discovered that dynamic sequencing yoga means focusing on exercises that improve your flexibility and strength. To execute this, you need to perform the right poses in the correct sequence, with good form, and for the right amount of time. That is generally what dynamic sequencing yoga is. To quote her exact words, she says that it is” the sequences of Yoga poses, in a particular order, that are designed to push you slightly more complicated each time, so your body adapts”. It will help you achieve that feminine body you have desired for the longest time. To put this theory into practice, Zoe divided the program into three phases that help burn as many calories as possible.

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8/ Benefits of The Program

Like most fitness programs, the yoga program has a lot of benefits to its users. They include:

The program delivers results in a short period – The good thing about yoga burn is that it gives you ample time to improve your stability and strength, unlike celebrity gimmicky fitness videos. Each exercise is connected to the other, which is why yoga burn works quickly. If done right, you will see results at the end of the training program. Yoga burn also targets common female problems like tiny booties and builds a slimmer waist as it strengthens your core.

Zoe Adjusts the sequences to Fit Your Current Level Goals – Everyone has a target they have set regarding body shapes, and different people have different body types. For this reason, Zoe made her yoga program adjustable so that everyone can fit in. It is one of the main advantage yoga burns has over traditional Yoga.

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Yoga Burn Program Helps to Relieve Stress – If you read through any review, yoga has always been known as the remedy for anyone who wants to relax. It can increase stress hormones which in turn increase fat content in the body. Zoe expounds on one of her videos and demonstrates how the yoga program helps burn fat while giving you a relaxed feel.

It Is A Program Specifically Meant for Women – A yoga class always constitute people of different ages and size; that is why yoga trainers ought to be careful with the exercises they incorporate in their programs. The services should help all the women in the program, whether 18 years or 65 years. Yoga burn classes help women attain a feminine body as it tightens up the core and build glute muscles. If you want a defined feminine body, try the yoga burn trim challenge, and you’ll certainly reap immense benefits.

9/ Yoga Burn Review- Final Thoughts

Yoga Burn service 12-week program, which Zoe Bray-Cotton leads, is the best weight loss program there is, and it is offered at a very affordable price. Once you sign up to be in the yoga program, you are given 60 days to try the service. You should do this within 60 days, and if the customer had bought a DVD, they could return it as well. According to the money-back guarantee policy, a full refund will be given to both online digital and DVD users, although the latter will incur shipping costs. You can reach the certified personal trainer through her Facebook review or contact her through the toll-free line. The holistic programs are availed to customers shortly after they make the required payment. Yoga Burn is, indeed, an exercise routine that every woman should incorporate into their schedule. The link to the main website is given in the information section below. Click it to get the services at an affordable rate.

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