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  • This classic tahini is as authentic as it gets — really. It’s made with 100% stone-ground, dry-roasted sesame seeds and nothing else, using the same process and recipe that’s been in our family for generations.
  • Our unique slow roasting process helps keep more of those mighty seed nutrients, offering you nutrient-dense sesame butter. All SoCo tahini is Vegan | Kosher | Non-GMO | Sustainably Grown | Keto | Gluten-Free  | No Added Sugar | Paleo | Superfood
  • Our stone-ground, single sourced seeds produce a smoother, creamier, irresistible tahini. SoCo has been made the same way for over 5 generations from 100% Humera sesame seeds, unlike any other tahini
  • Our woman-owned brand believes in bringing people and communities together. 1% of our sales go to building bridges between people and communities.

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  • Join the Tahini Revolution, Tahini activists, addicts and lovers, where we celebrate the humble but mighty sesame. SoCo, which stands for Seeds of Collaboration, was founded to bring the magic of tahini while reaching across borders to build bridges between communities.
  • We moved to the US, a beautiful, grand, yet Tahini-less country. I mean, there is some stuff out there that is called Tahini, but it tastes nothing like the creamy, smooth tahini we grew up on. People like us have to find creative solutions to bring Tahini into the country… This can’t go on!
  •  We started a Tahini stand in Burning Man in the Nevada desert. We served Tahini to minimally dressed, smiling burners, and they loved it. The Tahini Revolution was officially born.
  • My love story with Tahini started when I was a kid, when the Tahini sandwich was my absolute go to for school. At age 16, I left for an international school and met peers from all over the world, including the neighboring Middle Eastern countries, and I learned that while Israelis & Arabs disagree on many things, we all agree that Tahini is Awesome!
  •  We believe that economic collaboration creates bridges between communities. With every tahini jar you buy, we donate to non-profit organizations that help israeli and arab entrepreneurs to create businesses together.
  • It was another fun family visit to Cleveland Ohio, when I finished the last jar of my favorite tahini, which I brought along from Israel. It was so disappointing when I couldn’t find any proper tahini at the grocery store. When I finally did find one that seemed promising, the experience was disappointing. As a foodie and a marketer in the food industry I knew something needed to be done; This magical, delicious, healthy versatile pantry staple needed to be made available to America in a big way. So, I set out on a mission together with Goni and Yonatan, to bring good, authentic yet innovative tahini with a strong social mission.

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